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Update #05 - January 22th 2018

It is happening!

Dear friends, we know it took way longer than expected, but we are finaly getting closer from release. Our biggest issue was our Cross Faction Battleground system that would scramble PVP teams into even groups, transforming Alliance into Horde and reversal.

However, after a long development time we started testing and too many flaws popped up. Fixing all of those issues would cost us another few months so we decided to scrap the system for now ...and release as fast as possible. This means that you can expect us to go live within a few weeks. HYPE!

Update #04 - October 19th 2017

Break the silence

We know its been a while since we have posted some news, but just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we are not working on the project anymore. The progress just slowed down a bit since there is only 3 of us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Update #03 - August 13th 2017

Beta weekend

Our beta weekend paid off as many issues got reported. Some got fixed already, although it will still take some time to process all the requests/reports. Please note that both your account and characters will be wiped before the official release. Any future beta days/weekends will be announced but we will have our hands full fixing stuff for atleast a week.

Special thanks to everyone that participated

Update #02 - July 17th 2017

Our content

Last week we told you about how the ranking system works, this week we will discuss what you can do to rank up. As always we want to provide well varied and engaging content.

To start off with we have the usual PVP content, Battlegrounds and Arena, in it you will be able to face off against the enemy faction to establish your supremacy. On top of killing enemy players for Progress Points we also reward Progress Points on playing the objectives and winning the Battleground. We have enabled Eye of the Storm and a Random Battleground queue to spice things up, and we want to hear your opinion on if you want Strand of the Ancients enabled in a future update after launch.

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But PVP doesn't float everyones boat, so we decided to attempt to make the PVE'ers happy as well. On character creation you will be dropped into our custom made storyline where you will be helping the Dragon Aspects wage war against the lurking Old Gods who are once again attempting to corrupt Azeroth. We have planned a four parted storyline, each with questchains, dungeons and even a raid. This is a lot of work, and there is no way we can get this ready for a release anytime soon, so we have decided to release Acts 2 - 4 as content updates in the future. Act 1, "Resurrection of C'Thun" will have it's quests available from day 1, with a dungeon and a 10 man raid being released a little bit later. We are terribly sorry about not being able to release the dungeon and raid on day 1 as we had planned, but we still have some development to do there to provide a fun and difficult fight, with a staggered dungeon/raid release we are also able to invite some of our players for limited and focused tests of the group content before releasing them to everyone.

Update #01 - July 10th 2017

Progression system

You are about to start a journey throughout the battlefields of Azeroth. In order to keep track of your journey, you will be assigned a rank. This so called "Battle Rank" will be visualized as a debuff. Most things you do will reward you with an amount of "Progress Points". These points will be visible inside your XP bar. This bar keeps track on how close you are from ranking up. Every Rank unlocks an amount of items sold by the vendors behind me. In order to rank up, you will have to participate in either PvP or PvE, whatever you are most comfortable with.

Rank, Ranks, Ranks!

There are 50 ranks to unlock, each one unlocks new items. We have done our absolute best to give you the feeling of character progression with each rank up. While you level up you will also unlock titles, mounts and transmog for extra character customization.

What have we learned?

We saw two major problems with our previous ranking systems. The first one is that it ended too soon, we had 14 ranks to unlock, having this few ranks made it very hard to balance how fast ranking up will be. If we made it too steep of a slope it would take forever to rank up in the later ranks, but if we made it too easy you would be done too quickly without having anything else to play for. With this system we have way more ranks to use to try to balance the progression system. With your feedback on the rate of progression we are confident that we can make this both a better experience and make it last longer than previous systems.

The second problem was that we heavily tied the ranks to the old Vanilla titles. This meant that if players reached the end, that's it. There was no more progression to be made. With the new ranking system we have several ideas on how we could reward cosmetic items for continuing past Rank 50 without introducing custom gear or making players overpowered. This assures no powercreep.

Update #00 - June 14th 2017

What do you need to know about Nethercrusade?

First of all, Nethercrusade is a creation of the original team. Light of Chaos was an Instant 60 mostly PvP based 3.3.5 realm. Born in 2010 and closed almost 5 years later. During the years we have tried to increase the game experience by adding multiple features and requests. Unfortunately we had to close the realm early in 2015.

After 2 years of radio silence some team members decided to remake the realm, but slightly different.

One of the main issues in the previous versions was the ranking system, the amount of achievable ranks and vendors made it relatively easy to get fully geared in no time. In some cases you bought an item and replaced it withing an hour after a rank up.

What can you expect?

Well, our ranking system is by far unique and pleasing. We also developed a unique PvE atmosphere by adding quest-lines, dungeons and raids that are in line with the realm's theme. Don't worry, the classic raids are available as well. You won't have to visit a Class Trainer by any time since you will start with all your spells learned and even all your Talent spell Ranks will be added once achieved, creating a new character has never been so fast...

More information will be released soon!