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Release Date Set!

Nether Crusade finally has an official release date.

The release is set for 31/3/2018 (Saturday) at 14:00h Central European Time, 8AM for America (EDT), 23:00h in Australia (UTC+10), 7AM for Canada (CDT), 13:00h for Great Britain (UTC+0).

Have your accounts ready and please check your respective time zones and try to attend the opening if you can. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information about the release, join us on Discord

Posted by SoulKah on March 14, 2018
Welcome to Nether Crusade!

Progression system
You are about to start a journey throughout the battlefields of Azeroth. In order to keep track of your journey, you will be assigned a rank. This so called "Battle Rank" will be visualized as a debuff. You will receive an amount of "Progress Points" for certain acts such as slaying a creature or player, completing a quest, finishing a battleground and so on. These points will be visible inside your XP bar. This keeps track on how close you are from ranking up. Every Rank unlocks an amount of items sold by Vendors. In order to rank up, you will have to participate in either PvP or PvE, whatever you are most comfortable with.

Rank, Ranks, Ranks!
There are 50 ranks to unlock, each one unlocks new items. We have done our absolute best to give you the feeling of character progression with each rank up. While you level up you will also unlock titles, mounts and transmog for extra character customization.

Posted by SoulKah on March 8, 2018
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Realm Status

Note: The realm is currently under development until 31-3-2018 14:00h Central European Time.
8AM for America (EDT)
23:00h in Australia (UTC+10)
7AM for Canada (CDT)
13:00h for Great Britain (UTC+0)

For more information join us on Discord.