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Welcome to Nethercrusade!

Nether Crusade is an instant 60 PvP realm with a progress system that rewards the player for participating in Battlegrounds, Rated Arena's, Free for All events, World PvP and even a little PvE. Every character has 50 ranks to unlock, upranking this so called "Battle Rank" will be your main goal since this will decide what gear you can wear. Every rank unlocks certain items for multiple slots which can be bought from a vendor once unlocked...

More information can be found here

Teaser 🎬

Posted by SoulKah on October 11, 2018

Official Release Date 🎉

After a long period of major ingame updates and tweaks as well as a large amount of bug fixes and a numerous number of other changes we are very happy to announce that we finally have a date and time set for an official release.
The date and time for the release is set for UTC (GMT) Saturday, 20 October 2018, 14:00:00

Stockholm (Sweden) Saturday, 20 October 2018, 16:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hours
Toronto (Canada) Saturday, 20 October 2018, 10:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours
London (United Kingdom) Saturday, 20 October 2018, 15:00:00 BST UTC+1 hour
New York (USA) Saturday, 20 October 2018, 10:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours

We are looking forward to see you all ingame.

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Make sure you have set your realmlist: set realmlist login.nethercrusade.com

Q: Wasn't the realm released already?
A: Yes, the realm originally got released early April but has been taken down due to a majority of imperfections.

Q: What about the previous characters, can we have them back?
A: Unfortunately, no. To keep it fair we decided to wipe all the previous created characters and start over again. We however will reward every player that has put effort in a character with an amount of Reward Points based on the playtime & achieved Battle Rank.

Q: I had a premium subscription, does it still work?
A: Yes, we have restored all the Reward Points gained by either Donation, Voting or Recruiting a Friend to the accounts.

Posted by SoulKah on October 2, 2018

Public Beta

We decided to open the test realm to the public instead of keeping it private for a smaller amount of players. You are able to login with your latest registered account. Players with a temporary account won't be able to login anymore, in this case you have to switch to your own account and ask for a character transfer to this account.

Don't have an Account? Register here!
Incase you are having problems: check out the connection guide here

Posted by SoulKah on September 13, 2018

Closed Beta

Dear enthusiasts,

On Wednesday September 12, 20:00CEST (UTC+2) we will open the realm for a closed beta phase.
Users with an account registered before April 15th have the opportunity to enter the server until Sunday evening 00:00CEST.

Every character will start at Battle Rank 25 and receives a slight amount of Gold to buy certain items. Please note that this WILL NOT be the case on the live realm.
Players won't be able to keep the characters either, since every single character will be wiped.

Please, keep in mind that not everything is as polished as it supposed to be and that certain spells or items can/will be tweaked over time. Any imperfections can be reported in the Suggestions section.

Make sure to have your realmlist set:
set realmlist beta.nethercrusade.com

For more information, feel free to join us on discord.

Posted by SoulKah on September 11, 2018

Welcome to Nether Crusade!

What is Nether Crusade?
Nether Crusade is an instant 60 server mainly based on PvP. Our progress system rewards the player for participating in Battlegrounds, Arena, World PvP and some Solo content PvE. Every character has 50 ranks to unlock, upranking this soo called "Battle Rank" will be your main goal since this will decide what gear you can wear. Unlocking a new rank will also unlock an array of vendors selling gear which will be free to buy once you have unlocked this certain rank.

Ranking up can be done by both PvP an PvE since you will be rewarded "Progress Points" for completing certain objectives such as slaying a mob, killing a player, completing a quest, finishing a battleground and so on... You will be able to keep track of your progression by keeping an eye at your "XP Bar".

Battle Rank

Multi Vendor

What are the features?
Beside our rather unique progression system we have multiple features and content that will improve the players experience during the game.

Start Items

Start Character




Daily Quests

Gurubashi Arena Event

Transmog Gear

Posted by SoulKah on September 5, 2018
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PvP Top 10
Name Race Class Kills
Kallemera 2165
Icean 2145
Skittz 1935
Mama 1932
Ak 1902
Odd 1902
Pingas 1780
Ygor 1591
Chapstick 1555
Emoji 1520
Battle Rank Top 10
Rank Name Race Class
50 Psykotik
49 Kallemera
48 Icean
47 Odd
46 Skittz
44 Tristram
43 Pingas
42 Ak
39 Vusky
39 Mama