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A short break
Greetings everyone, this is an official announcement made on behalf of the Nether Crusade Staff.

Taking a step back
During the last 14 days, we have experienced a lot of positives and negatives, and from that we have become more experienced as a staff and been motivated to improve on the product that we have been providing the community.

We understand that there have been a major lack of content on the server, and this is one of the main areas we will improve and refine on, to allow for better longevity and a better experience while playing on Nether Crusade.

The above have resulted in a move by the staff which may come as a shock to some of you, and some of you have predicted it. We have chosen to take down the realm today(19-04-2018 12PM CET), but not permanently. We intend to relaunch a better and more refined version of Nether Crusade based on all of our experiences and feedback from the community.

What Is Next?
As mentioned above, we intend to relaunch Nether Crusade when it is appropriate.

We will continue to read the Discord as the project is not dead, and would you like to have an impact on the new and improved realm, raise your voice in the suggestions channel.

Here is a few of the many areas we will be improving on before relaunching
- PvE Content
- PvE Rewards
- PvP Rewards
- Progression Speed
- Character Progression
- General System Improvements

There are other areas which we would like to improve on, and there will be regular communication between Staff and the Community to ensure that we deliver the best product with the best experience.

Q: When will the server relaunch?
A: At this time we do not have a timeline, but we will provide updates as progression is made, and as always you can chat with our staff in the discord.

Q: What will happen to my premium / donations?
A: All of your donations will be redeemable once the server is relaunched.

Q: Will I still have my characters?
A: This is a hot topic of debate in our staff, and we have not come to a conclusion yet. In the case there is a Hard Character reset, existing players will be rewarded upon creating a new character which is based on their previous character's /played and Battle Rank.

Q: Can I help in any way to speed up the relaunch?
A: We are always looking for individuals who would like to use their knowledge to help test or develop new content

Posted by LFGroup on April 19, 2018
Welcome to Nether Crusade!
What is Nether Crusade?
Nether Crusade is an instant 60 server that offers both PvP and custom PvE. Our progress system rewards the player for participating either one of the game styles. Every character has 50 ranks to unlock, upranking this soo called "Battle Rank" will be your main goal since this will decide what gear you can wear. Unlocking a new rank will also unlock an array of vendors selling gear which will be free to buy once you have unlocked this certain rank.

Ranking up can be done by both PvP an PvE since you will be rewarded "Progress Points" for completing certain objectives such as slaying a mob, killing a player, completing a quest, finishing a battleground and so on... You will be able to keep track of your progression by keeping an eye at your "XP Bar".

More information about the Progression System can be found here

What are the features?
Beside our rather unique progression system we have multiple features that will improve the players experience during the game.

Custom PvE?
Unfortunatly we do not support Blizzlike content, we however offer you several revamped areas stuffed with quests, instances and future raids that will release progressively. Because of our ranking system we disabled gear drops from the instances and raids. But these however will reward the player with a great amount of progress points and transmog sets that are not obtainable from PvP.

Posted by SoulKah on March 8, 2018
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PvP Top 10
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Zamos 3324
Pingas 2817
Vusky 2424
Winn 2201
Hermie 2127
Chizuna 2012
Luminnae 1687
Pain 1647
Doc 1606
Spicyboi 1601
Battle Rank Top 10
Rank Name Race Class
43 Zamos
41 Pingas
40 Vusky
36 Winn
35 Chizuna
35 Doc
34 Globe
32 Acidowlx
32 Declineqt
32 Hermie